Belarus Plans To Jointly Develop BelAz Heavy Duty Trucks With Tajikistan Dushanbe Plant

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The Belarusian Automobile Plant (BelAZ) has been discussing the establishment of a joint venture in Tajikistan for the assembly of haul trucks with a carrying capacity of 30-45 tonnes. BelAz has considerable experience in heavy-duty truck manufacturing.  

The JV is likely to incorporate kits sent from the BelAz Plant in Zhodino, with an assembly plant for BelAZ trucks to be located near Dushanbe, where good logistical options are available due to construction of and for existing highways and railways. The main components will be shipped by rail from Belarus, taking into account a consequent increase in the localization of component manufacturing at the assembly site. Belarus and Tajikistan are both members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and have a trade agreement between them.

BelAZ Chief Designer Aleksandr Naskovets stated that due to terrain peculiarities in Tajikistan, local quarries are mostly small and are located high in the mountains, and is why Tajik mining companies are primarily interested in Belarusian trucks with a carrying capacity of up to 45 tonnes.

As reported, BelAZ specialists will soon be made familiar with manufacturing capabilities, the available area, and the infrastructure of the partner enterprise. In turn, Tajik specialists will undergo training at BelAZ’s assembly line in Zhodino.

The BelAz development is a case study into how BRI infrastructure construction – China is heavily involved in building highways and railways in Tajikistan – can be of benefit to other industry sectors as spin off markets emerge from the development.

BelAZ vehicles have been used to build such facilities as the Sangtuda-1 and the Rogun HPP in Tajikistan. The Belarusian company is the world’s largest manufacturer of haul trucks and transport equipment for the mining industry and civil engineering industries.

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